Welcome to my chaos.

Greetings! My name is Cassandra L. Thompson; I’m a proud indie author and the rebellious owner of Quill & Crow Publishing House. Passionate about indie publishing, I founded my company to serve my community. This newsletter serves as an extension of that idea. Not only does Mother of Crows house my own fiction, but it also provides quality information to help indie authors build their careers and grow their platforms.

Cassandra L. Thompson
Oh hi, it’s me.

As social media ebbs and flows, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep in touch with writers and readers alike. Mother of Crows is the place to stay up-to-date on it all. Every new article and story will be delivered straight to your inbox.

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Welcome to my chaos. Thoughts on life, publishing, and my latest writing projects. Might offer something shiny.


Cassandra L. Thompson

Gothic publisher and proud indie author. Founder of Quill & Crow Publishing House.